Electrostatics toolbox

Welcome to the Electrostatics toolbox.

The Electrostatics toolbox solves a charge conservation equation for the electric potential given the spatial distribution of the electric charge. It is used to model charge conservation under static conditions. It is often coupled in our applications with the Heat Transfert toolbox to model joule heating.

1. Electric Toolbox

1.1. Models

1.2. Materials

1.3. Boundary Conditions

1.3.1. Dirichlet

\[T = g \quad \text{ on } \Gamma\]

1.3.2. Neumann

\[-k \nabla T \cdot \boldsymbol{n} = g \quad \text{ on } \Gamma\]

1.3.3. Robin

\[-k \nabla T \cdot \boldsymbol{n} = h \left( T - g \right) \quad \text{ on } \Gamma\]

1.4. Initial Conditions

1.5. Post Processing

1.5.1. Exports

The fields allowed to be exported in the fields section are:

  • pid

1.5.2. Measures

Evaluation at points
  • electric field

  • current