Image generation

This module generates a 3D isotropic image using the center lines file, which is both cleaner and smoother than the original MRI. The executable we use is named meshing_imagefromcenterlines.

1. Supported file formats

  • input: a VTK file (.vtk)

  • output: a 3D isotropic image in MetaImage (.mha) format

2. Parameters

  • --input.centerlines.filename: (string) Input VTK file

  • (string) Output directory

  • --config-file: (string) Configuration file

  • --force-rebuild=1: (int) 0 to avoid computing if target file already exists, 1 to overwrite it

  • --dim.x: (int) | - --dim.y: (int) } Output image dimensions (in voxels) - --dim.z: (int) | - --dim.spacing=0.0: (double) spacing between points

  • --radius-array-name=MaximumInscribedSphereRadius: (string) Inscribed sphere radius array name