Minimal example

CMake file to find Feel++ and create a minimal application
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.0) (1)
project(minimal) (2)

# find Feel++ package

# create application feelpp_minimal
feelpp_add_application( app SRCS minimal.cpp) (4)
1 defines the minimal version of CMake to use
2 defines the project name
3 finds the Feel++ package in the PATHS defined afterwards, it is required that Feel++ is found in order to compile the application
4 defines the application feelpp_minimal_app using the following scheme <feelpp>_<project name>_<application name> and the source file minimal.cpp

To compile you need

  • to define the environment variable FEELPP_DIR is Feel++ is not installed in a standard directory prefix such as /usr or /usr/local. For example if Feel++ is installed in /opt/feelpp,

    export FEELPP_DIR=/opt/feelpp
  • to define a C++ compiler, e.g. clang++-6.0, to compile the application

    export CXX=clang++-6.0

Then, the compilation command line is as follows:

git clone (1)
mkdir build && cd build (2)
cmake ../minimal (3)
make (4)
1 git clone the minimal example repository
2 create a build directory out of the sources
3 call CMake
4 build the application feelpp_minimal_app

1. What’s next ?

The next steps are:

  • start from the minimal or a quickstart application to develop your own Feel++ C++ application.

  • read the reference manual.