Create an account on MSO4SC Portal

To create an account on the MSO4SC portal, follow the next steps:

PortalMSO4SC login
Figure 1. Login web page of the MSO4SC Portal
  • Click on login

You will be forwarded to IDM component to the portal.

PortalMSO4SC idm
Figure 2. IDM component of the MSO4SC Portal
  • Sign up to get an account

PortalMSO4SC signup
Figure 3. IDM component of the MSO4SC Portal
do not check gravatar box as it may cause trouble later on. The instability is being investigated.
  • Create an account there providing a valid email and a password.

  • Then, you have to validate your account by following the instructions send by the portal to your email address.

The portal is currently not using https protocol. As a consequence, the credentials user/password are sent in clear. You have been warned.