CMake Environment

The CMakeLists.txt is setup with Feel++. A sample Feel++ application is available in src.

1. Building

The CMakeLists.txt is configured to build the application in src. The following commands can be used to build the application:

 $ cmake --preset default (1)
 $ cmake --build --preset default (2)
 $ cmake --build --preset default -t install (3)
1 Configure the project
2 Build the project
3 Install the project

2. Packaging

CPack is configured and allows to generate a binary and source package. Use the following commands to generate the binary package:

$ cmake --build --preset default -t package

Use the following commands to generate the source package:

$ cmake --build --preset default -t package_source

3. Testing

CTest is configured. Use the following command to run the tests:

$ cmake --build --preset default -t test