1. Paraview

ParaView is an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application.

The data must be available locally.

2. Paraview-Web

ParaViewWeb, the JavaScript library, is a Web framework to build applications with interactive scientific visualization inside the Web browser. Those applications can leverage a VTK and/or ParaView backend for large data processing and rendering, but can also be used on a static Web server like Apache or NGINX. You can even build local command line tools and use your browser to interact with your application.

The data must be available locally on the server side (where the ParaView server is launch).

3. Vtk.js

vtk.js is a rendering library made for Scientific Visualization on the Web. It adapts the VTK structure and expertise to bring high performance rendering into your browser.

The data can be available locally or on the web. We can directly give Girder url of ressource for example.