Feel++ Case Generator

When working with a new case, there might be some input data and documentation boilerplate that can be simplified. With feelpp_case_generator we provide an application that generates input data and basic documentation template that can be filled by the case developer. feelpp_case_generator is a script written in Ruby and using liquid templating

1. Installing requirements

Ruby is available on many platforms natively.

Once Ruby is install, check that bundle, the Ruby packaging system, is available.

The next step is to install Liquid, to do so, type


2. Running feelpp_case_generator

feelpp_case_generate -s turek -n "Flow around Cylinder" -t cfd

The following options are available

-s, --shortname <STRING>

generate case with short name <STRING>

-n,--name <STRING>

generate case with name <STRING>

-f, --force true|false

force overwrite existing files

Default: false

-t, --toolbox

toolbox short name

-c, --cfg

cfg filename
Default: <shortname>.cfg

-j, --json

json filename
Default: <shortname>.json

-h, --help

print help